Founding Executive Director
Linda Poole

Project Management & Administration
Carina Thanabadeepathara

Dawn Chandler
Frank Chen

Blossom Blog
Jessica Tremblay

Liason to the Japanese Community
Mits Hayashi

Web Master
Gladys Hsu

Tech Support
Jeremy Langdon
Adrian Lee
Peter Smyrniotis

Team Sakura
Douglas Justice
Wendy Cutler
Joseph Lin
David Tracey
Alex Downie

Blossom Reporting
Wendy Cutler, Cherry Scout Co-ordinator
VCBF Cherry Scouts

Haiku Invitational Judge
Marco Fraticelli

Plein-Air Blossom Painting
Alfonso Tejada

Volunteer Coordinator
Fanny Ly

Cherry Jam Downtown
Alan Lee

Animation Instructor & Historian
Keith Blackmore