Linda Poole
Founding Executive Director

Linda is a cherry blossom fanatic! She has been growing the Festival for more than 10 years and continues to share her creative and artistic visions through innovative arts and cultural expressions and collaborations. She believes in the power of the blossoms which helps to bring our diverse communities together in celebration. The World according to Linda “needs more cherry blossoms!”

Tracy Penner
Director of Development
For sponsorship enquiries: | 604-773-1650

Tracy oversees the Festival’s revenue generation and sponsorship program.  Through the development of partnerships with the Vancouver community, she works to find innovative ways to enhance and grow the Festival. Tracy is also a huge dog lover, she’s got two herself!

Carina Thanabadeepathara
Project Manager 

Carina is responsible for fostering the day-to-day operations of the Festival and focuses on strategic project managing and planning. Her strong communication skills, leadership, and relationship building enhances the Festival’s growth and makes things run smoothly. A nice latte always makes her day!

Carol Lai
Project Coordinator

Carol provides executive, project, and development support to the wider team, is responsible for social media communication, and assists in project and event coordination and execution. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA focused in Marketing Management from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and alumni at Capilano University in the Arts and Entertainment Management Diploma Program. Her favourite blossom viewing area is Langara/Cambie.

Cherry Intern
Jessica Nguyen

Blossom Blog
Jessica Tremblay

Team Sakura
Douglas Justice
Wendy Cutler
Joseph Lin
David Tracey
Alex Downie
Lisa Lennie
Anne Eng
Egan Davis

Blossom Reporting
Wendy Cutler, Cherry Scout Co-ordinator
Joseph Lin
VCBF Cherry Scouts

Haiku Invitational Judges
Paul Chambers, Tanya McDonald, Jacquie Pearce

Volunteer Coordinator
Samantha Stilwell
Carol Lai

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