Have some photos you’d like to share? On the UBC Botanical Garden Forums we have a Neighbourhood Blogs forum where you can post your photos in the neighbourhood where the trees in your photos live. Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods have photos posted from this or previous years, so you can browse the blog to see what all is growing in your neighbourhood, and maybe you’ll find an identification for the trees in your photos.

Want to learn more about the ornamental cherry cultivars? Check out the Ornamental Cherries forum.

Want to know where to find certain cultivars to go see? We’ve indexed the best locations in the Cultivar Locations forum.

Have some questions about growing your own cherries. Post them in the Growing Ornamental Cherries forum – a lot of knowledgeable people read and respond to questions like yours.

The Vancouver Cherry Blog has timely articles about what cultivars are in bloom and some tips for identifying them. Articles from previous years are less timely but offer further insights to understanding the blossoms.